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Dr. Gregory O. Morgan

Pastor / Servant-Leader

Dr. Gregory O. Morgan

“But none of these things move me, nor do I count my life dear to myself, that I may finish my race with joy, and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God” Acts 20:24 (My Life Verse…)

Blessings to you in the Strong Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!!!

On July 27, 1975, under the pastoral leadership of the late, Rev. Norman James Jackson, I stood to preach my first sermon.  Wow, that’s a long time ago!  After the death of Pastor Jackson in 1978, I was blessed to serve under the late Rev. Oscar F. Reed Sr. for two years.  Prior to Pastor Reed relocating to another city, he strongly encouraged me to go see his brother in the ministry, Dr. Walter G. Wells, Pastor of the Mt. Erie Baptist Church.  I united with Mt. Erie and was under the awesome tutelage of Dr. Wells until 1985.  In 1985, the Lord led me to unite with the Good Shepherd Missionary Baptist Church (GSMBC), under the Pastoral leadership of the late Rev. Wallace E. Runnels, Jr.  Pastor Runnels was a gentle, giant of a  man of God who took great pride in the development of young preachers.  He had the vision of me becoming the Pastor of GSMBC, and therefore had me ordained a Minister in April 1986.  In 1988, I experienced the most severe spiritual storm in my life.  As a result, I stopped attending GSMBC, concluding that God had put me on ice, and that my ministry at Good Shepherd was no longer His will for me or for them.  At the end of my storm, in 1993, I had a dream in which I saw myself standing on the floor of the sanctuary of the Good Shepherd Missionary Baptist Church teaching the Bible.  Not convinced that this was God beckoning me to come back home, I hesitated and did not return until February, 1995.  The welcome that I received from this family of Christ’s followers confirmed in me that God’s calling was irrevocable, that He indeed is the God of restoration, and that He was restoring me.  In October, 1995, I began my ministry as the 2nd Pastor of GSMBC. 

Good Shepherd is still the church of my dreams, and in truth, it is the only church that I’ve ever dreamed about.  Having begun this journey more than twenty-one years ago, I still dream of a church who loves God, loves its neighbors, and makes disciples of all people.  I still dream of a church whose sevenfold focus is Worship, Discipleship, Evangelism, Fellowship, Ministry, Stewardship and Prayer.  I still dream of a church who values what God values, loves what God loves, and does to the best of their ability what God does.  I still dream of a church who is sacrificial in their service, and gracious in their giving.  I am thankful to the Lord Jesus for sustaining me for over twenty-one years.  The years have at times been tough, but He has sustained me.  The years have sometimes been difficult, but He has provided. 

I am eternally grateful to God for my bride, Jacqueline D. Morgan, a uniquely gifted woman of God, created in Christ Jesus just for me.  My bride has stood as the anchor of our family in the midst of all the ups and downs, trials and tribulations.  Thank you so much for loving and supporting me.   So much of what I’ve accomplished over the years has happened because of the type of godly woman you are.  I’m thankful for all my children, Amanda N., Gregory O., Jared P., and the sons of my restoration, Joshua G. and Jeremiah E. Morgan.

Good Shepherd, I love you, and remember: “You Are Truly a Great Church!!!”

Solus Christus!!!

Dr. Gregory O. Morgan, D.Min.